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Pallas health research and consultancy (Pallas), a Rotterdam-based company specialized in epidemiology and health sciences, is now part of Leuven-based P95

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 Judith van den Bosch, founder of Pallas: Merging with P95 is a logical step in the development of Pallas. The types of projects and employees of Pallas and P95 are very similar, but the two companies also complement each other in terms of the research areas and customers.  By becoming part of P95, I expect to be able to offer my team more opportunities and, together with P95, to be able to increase our impact clout now and in the future.

Thomas Verstraeten, CEO of P95: Thanks to our extensive expertise in the development and implementation of vaccines, we experienced a sharp increase in projects and associated growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. To allow us to further support the growing market of vaccination, we are looking for partners to sustain our growth. Pallas is a company with very similar expertise and clientele to P95. Judith van den Bosch and her team have developed a well-functioning and profitable company, close to the values of P95. This acquisition fits perfectly into our strategy to become an even more relevant player in the growing vaccination market.

About P95

P95 was founded in 2011 by the current CEO, Thomas Verstraeten, former Vice President of the vaccine department and head of pharmacovigilance and epidemiology at GSK. In 2021, P95 has become an important player on the international stage of vaccine development, working for almost all major vaccine producers and international institutions such as the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and the European Commission. With a team of epidemiologists, statisticians, medical writers and analysts, P95 conducts epidemiological studies to help clients plan the development of new vaccines and monitor the effects of vaccines on the market. P95 also contributes to the development of COVID-19 vaccines and follow-up of their effectiveness after approval.  (

About Pallas

Pallas health research and consultancy BV was founded in 1999 by Judith van den Bosch. Over the past 20 years, Pallas has become an established player on the contract research market in the field of epidemiology and health research. Pallas’ team consists of 12 epidemiologists with expertise in various disease fields and research methods. Pallas is based in Rotterdam, but has an international customer portfolio with a wide variety of organizations from the health sector and pharmaceutical industry. Pallas has been recognized in recent years for conducting systematic literature research in various contexts, such as clinical guidelines or drug development. (

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